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The World of Vibrators

Written By: admin - Jul• 27•15




By definition a sex toy can entail a variety of things. They aren’t limited to shape, size, texture or color. In fact, anything that can be utilized to enhance a sexual interaction can be considered a sex toy, except for food and beverages for obvious reasons. However, this article will lay more focus on vibrators. It is one of the oldest sex toys in the world and was designed for medical purposes. Yes, that’s right. Physicians discovered that hysterical women can be calmed down when an orgasm is induced. The only problem was that it took a lot of time and physicians couldn’t master the technique. Hence, the vibrator came into existence. The shape wasn’t nearly as attractive back then, but it did the job. So without further interruption, here is the breakdown on one of the most popular sex toys among women.

The Different Kinds of Vibrators

– Classic Vibrator

The variety of vibrators can be divided into three, very distinct, groups. The first one up for discussion is referred to as the classic. It’s made of plastic, doesn’t really bend and is typically shaped in the form of a penis. Women love this design even though it lacks real power so-to-speak. Nevertheless, it does the job even when it doesn’t vibrate.

– Wand

It’s safe to say that the wand is better described as a massager rather than penetrating dildo. As far as electric sex toys go, especially vibrators, the wand has no problem working all night. It plugs into the wall and doesn’t stop until you turn it off. The only downside is that the shape isn’t exactly penetration friendly. It consists of a rather large head and slim body, which means it can only stimulate the pleasure button. Apart from shape and the limited options of where it can be used, the wand does have a magical touch.

– Handle/Coil

This design took into consideration the shape and power problem. It’s small enough to fit in one hand but not too small in terms of penetration. What makes it even better is the fact that the head can accommodate plastic and latex attachments in addition to working hard hours. Several sensations can surface using this little masterpiece and it truly combines the great aspects of a vibrator.

As a side note the shower massager deserves some attention as well. Based on the same design as the classic, it was specifically made for very wet conditions. This is for the ladies who like the feel of warm water while enjoying other pleasures. Keep in mind that it’s not excluded to sexual purposes, much like the wand and handle designs. There is no reason why the rest of the body can’t benefit from these small wonders.

What to know before using Vibrators

First of all, never use a vibrator without lubrication, especially when it’s hard plastic. The experience won’t be very pleasant and only a little bit of lube is needed to get into the mood so-to-speak. It’s recommended to use a water-based lube. Secondly, be careful when it comes to vibrators that focus on delivering heat to the body. This isn’t to say that they shouldn’t be used, but the moment can be so great that you might not notice if you get burnt. There have been cases where this happened and safety should always come first, no pun intended.

On a Psychological Note

Vibrators are great little inventions for singles or involved individuals. However, the latter group shouldn’t let it become a problem. There is no denying that they are able to enhance many sexual situations, but it cannot really replace human flesh. The moment it becomes competition for your partner then try to put less emphasis on using it. If this isn’t the case then don’t refrain from implementing into your sex life, because it ensures a jolly good time.


There is no shortage of choices in terms of vibrators and finding the right one for you shouldn’t be very difficult. More importantly, don’t restrict yourself to just one. Different vibrators give different sensations and nothing is more fun than exploring in the privacy of your home. The core purpose of their design was to relieve unnecessary tension and sometimes it’s nice to pamper yourself a little bit. Now go out and discover the amazing world of vibrators.

Sex Toys that will keep Men Entertained

Written By: admin - Jul• 27•15

Make no mistake, sex toys aren’t just made with women in mind. There are more than enough entertaining inventions that men can use when a girl, or partner, isn’t around. The following products are some of the latest toys available on the market and if they don’t make a solo session the most exciting experience on earth then nothing will.

Fleshlight – Fleshlight Light

Fleshlight is well-known for their innovative ideas when it comes to the toy industry and the Fleshlight Light series is no exception. There are two models available namely “Pilot” and “Instructor”. The former has a rough inlay, in other words distinctive ridges and a few bumps. As for the latter model, the inlay is smooth which is aimed at endurance training. The main idea of the Light series is discrete travelling purposes, so they replaced the near perfect vulva model for something that won’t draw a lot of attention when moving around abroad. They have also added a hands free option when plugged into a shower mount, another product from Fleshlight. This attachment handles suction.

JimmyJane – Hot Octopuss Pulse

As the names suggests this little toy provides intense pulses that tactically increase arousal. If you haven’t heard of the technology that they use to help guys with spinal injuries, then this toy can be educational as well. For starters, it doesn’t look anything like a vibrator for men. If fact, it looks like a cool gadget you can listen to music with. By using PulsePlate technology a guy can insert his member either when erect or flaccid and then receive pleasuring waves in the frenulum area.

Tenga-Global – Flip Hole

If you are looking for true innovation then you don’t need to look further than the Flip Hole. It seems Tenga thought of everything when they developed this toy. Unlike most toys for men, they made the cleaning and maintenance part fairly easy, because it can just flip open. The 4 different colors it’s available in represent different degrees of smoothness, suction power and even stimulation. To make it even more exciting is the control pad situated on top, which lets you change the pressure inside the toy and all you need to do is push a button.

Humpus – The Humpus

Don’t expect a simple toy when you buy a Humpus. It is in fact a machine that comes with a base unit and an attachment of your choices. It can be a dildo or a silicone ring. After the attachment is in place the base unit will work the attachment up and down your member. You can choose how quickly these strokes take place and when using the belt accessory you don’t need to use your hands. The Humpus is also remote controlled, so either you or your partner can be in charge of all the pleasure.


There you go guys; one of these sex toys will be able to keep you busy all night long. Now there is no reason to become jealous about all the options ladies have in terms of toys.

Advice on Choosing the Right Online Dating Site

Written By: admin - Jul• 24•15

As exciting as online dating can be, it can also be a little overwhelming. Choosing the right online dating site can be tricky to say the least, especially if you are new to the game. Just because they are everywhere doesn’t mean you’ll be happy with all of them. Some will frustrate you and others might make you lose hope altogether. Take this opportunity to read a little further and learn a few tricks before you set out on your dating quest.


Decide what Kind of Partner you are Looking for


Adult friend finder dating site

Adult friend finder dating site


This might seem a little forced, but it’s a good place to start. Sit back and take a few minutes to ponder what type of site you are looking for. Should it be excluded to certain people? Or maybe you would like it to be more on the daring side. Perhaps you would like to narrow down the search to people who love the outdoors or even a specific race. Are you looking for a certain age group? Go ahead and make some notes before the search begins.


Also think about whether you are willing to spend money. You can regard this as money you would’ve spent on dinner or a movie, but a lot cheaper in some cases. Not all dating sites are free and others only provide limited services if you don’t pay.


Find a Directory


Now that you have figured out what you are looking for, the best place to go next is a directory. You could go for the option to just start searching through keywords, but you run the risk of finding sites that will ultimately scam you or just waste your time. A directory helps a great deal in the sense that only legitimate online dating sites are featured. They will also go into little details you won’t find in an organic search.


One directory that is very helpful is The interface is very user friendly and it’s easy to find the type of site you are looking for. Everything is laid out in ranking order, which means the most popular sites are listed on top. These rankings are determined by user experience and ratings. They also give some insight on the number of people who are currently active on a particular site. If you would like to add your thoughts or review a site then you are more than welcome to add it.


Stay Safe

The most important part when it comes to choosing the right online dating site is to protect yourself. The site itself only has a limited amount of control regarding the people who create profiles, so it’s up to you to keep your details private. Make sure the site doesn’t exploit your details in any way and if you find somebody you want to meet then keep the meeting in a public place after letting several friends know where you are.




Online dating can be a very fun experience if you do it right. So follow these steps and be sure to have a blast finding your soul-mate or next best friend.

Sex Toy or Not a Sex Toy – An Unimportant Question

Written By: admin - Nov• 09•14

The line that defines sex toys is a difficult one. Many people like to argue that if something is specifically made for spicing up a sex life, then it can be called a sex toy. Others believe that anything, regardless of shape, color or texture can be labeled as a sex toy the moment it starts to play a part in the bedroom. Luckily it’s a debate that won’t really have much effect on the sex toys universe. It’s going to keep expanding until anything you need is available. For this article we look at the items on which this debate is based.

sex toys & vibrators


In modern times people call it lube and it started as an aid rather than an enhancement. The first use of lube was to replace natural lubrication typically situated in the female sexual organ. The latter sounds very technical, but it’s the best way to say it and sometimes women have trouble in that area. Men fear erectile dysfunction problems and women fear vaginal dryness. This problem gave rise to lube hitting the market and it goes without saying that nobody is moaning. There is water and oil based lube, but water based is the safest no matter what the occasion. Oil can have some side-effects which aren’t always pleasant.

As the years progressed lube became more creative. Different flavors and scents joined the ranks, taking the lube movement to another level. For some couples sex always has to include lube simply because it makes the experience so much better. It really opened the doors for safer anal sex among other things. The best lubes are those that last for a long time, but that’s as far as “best” elements because some tingle, some slightly burn while others just smell amazing. If tester bottles are available then get some before making a decision.

Kinky Clothing

It’s strange that people actually debate whether kinky clothes can fall into the sex toys department. The real question should be why not? Just because it doesn’t simply focus on the genital area doesn’t mean it’s not effective. It creates visual stimulation along with physical contact arousal, making it one of the most effective sex toys available. Nobody really knows when the fetish for certain fabrics and looks occurred, but there is no denying its popularity.

Kinky clothes have come a long way since nurse and schoolgirl outfits. Now you get dominatrix leather in addition to very stylish lingerie. In fact, kinky clothes aren’t nearly as cheesy as it used to be. Role-playing is fun, especially when you are dressed for the part.

Food and Aphrodisiacs

Tasty treats in the bedroom might not sit well with everyone, but there is a relatively large market. Several sex and lingerie shops have a special section just for edible sex toys, which ultimately makes food part of the sex toys family. It started with giving chocolates on Valentine’s Day as a symbol of affection and ended with melted chocolate getting licked off naked bodies. In all fairness, food is probably the one sex toy people didn’t anticipate. Using whipped cream and strawberries probably started as a joke, but ended in manufacturers focusing on food for the sex market. This is also the reason why people consider it a sex toy.

Whether you have a sweet, sour or salty tooth, you are bound to find something that can be shared with your partner and causes arousal. The food itself might not have anything to do with physical stimulation, but it helps the mind to reach that point much quicker. Some couples believe food can serve as an aphrodisiac, although scientifically speaking it cannot be proved. The Greeks held on to the belief that specific drinks and food can make sex more pleasurable and nobody can truly prove them wrong either.


Sex is a fun activity, especially if strange little sex toys are being incorporated and it shouldn’t be studied too deeply. We are bound by primal instincts and everyone has their own button that launches their pleasure missile somewhat higher than usual. If you consider clothes, food and lubricant as sex toys then it’s your right. If you don’t believe they fall in the same category it’s your right too. In the end it doesn’t really matter as long as you enjoy the ride.

Don’t Sell your Oil Paintings Short

Written By: admin - Mar• 06•14

The words “I should’ve known” is fairly popular, but when it comes to selling oil paintings for much less than they are worth it’s just painful. There are quite a few oil paintings dangling around the house that could be worth a lot of money. The next time you present your oil paintings for sale consider the following.

A small Robert Gemmell Hutchison painting called “Three infants collect mussels from the seashore”, dating back to the early 20th century was discovered among a bunch of regular pictures and prints. The owner had no idea what the painting was worth and luckily he didn’t just throw it away. Adrian Rathbone, fine arts manager informed the owner of the painting’s history and finally it was auctioned off for 3600 pounds, even though the catalogue pricing was estimated at 600 pounds.

Oil painting for sale - Edvard Munch - The Scream

Unfortunately not all the owners know what they have. One in particular traded an Ivan Aivazovsky painting for a dental appointment in the 1950’s. It was painted in 1846 and is known as “The sunset over the Great Lavra. Holy Athos” After the dentist passed away in the 1990’s it was sold off at the village auction. How it ended up in Norway and where it was for the first hundred years nobody knows. More recently the painting was sold for 790 000 Euros. One can only hope the dental appointment was worth it.

For some it’s a hard lesson to learn and when you place that oil paintings for sale ad on the garage door think very carefully. Even when a painting looks like a child might have scribbled it within 5 minutes; it could just be an early ticket for retirement. If you find this hard to believe then look at “The Scream” by Edvard Munch; it sold for more than $120 million and can easily be mistaken for something an angry teenager painted while thinking about his or her parents.


To read more about Edvard Munch check out

The Popularity Of Buying Sex Toys Online

Written By: admin - Mar• 03•14

It goes without saying that the introduction of male sex toys such as the Fleshlight or vibrator in any relationship will help to open the doors to new levels of pleasure and intimacy. While the use of sex toys may offer couples a way to grow closer, they also provide great satisfaction to singles who finds themselves craving a little extra attention. Although these toys are readily available in adult-oriented retail shops, shopping online has become increasingly popular.

sex toys

Shopping for adult novelties online has created a new breed of customer that may have never existed otherwise. While individual reasons for online purchases may be unique, they generally fall into two distinct categories. Generally speaking, either customers simply don’t have easy access to adult toy stores, or they’re uncomfortable sharing their interest with friends and neighbors.


Although the phrase “discretely delivered in a plain brown package” is a common source of comic relief, people who shop for male sex toys online take their personal privacy very seriously. Not only are adult toys delivered in nondescript packages, but credit card purchases are often disguised by using generic company names and vague product descriptions. This is not meant to make customers feel as if they’re doing something wrong. On the contrary, it’s meant to make adventurous adults feel more comfortable with the process. Sex toys are a tremendous source of pleasure, there is certainly no reason to make shopping for them an unpleasant experience.


As more and more people discover the benefits of male sex toys, it makes sense that they’re seeking more variety and a greater selection.  Just as the vibrator is well known to be the most popular toy for women, the Fleshlight has quickly become the most popular male sex toy. No matter how simple, or extreme your sexual appetite might be, shopping for adult novelties online opens the doors to endless possibilities.


Like any other product with a healthy demand, not all customers have easy access to physical store fronts. When people can sit comfortably in front of their computer and order sex toys, it’s not only more convenient but it encourages shoppers to be a bit more adventurous, since there are no prying eyes looking over their shoulder.


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