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The World of Vibrators

    By definition a sex toy can entail a variety of things. They aren’t limited to shape, size, texture or color. In fact, anything that can be utilized to enhance a sexual interaction can be considered a sex toy, except for food and beverages for obvious reasons. However, this article will lay more focus […]

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Sex Toys that will keep Men Entertained

Make no mistake, sex toys aren’t just made with women in mind. There are more than enough entertaining inventions that men can use when a girl, or partner, isn’t around. The following products are some of the latest toys available on the market and if they don’t make a solo session the most exciting experience […]

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Sex Toy or Not a Sex Toy – An Unimportant Question

The line that defines sex toys is a difficult one. Many people like to argue that if something is specifically made for spicing up a sex life, then it can be called a sex toy. Others believe that anything, regardless of shape, color or texture can be labeled as a sex toy the moment it […]

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