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Sex Toys that will keep Men Entertained

Written By: admin - Jul• 27•15

Make no mistake, sex toys aren’t just made with women in mind. There are more than enough entertaining inventions that men can use when a girl, or partner, isn’t around. The following products are some of the latest toys available on the market and if they don’t make a solo session the most exciting experience on earth then nothing will.

Fleshlight – Fleshlight Light

Fleshlight is well-known for their innovative ideas when it comes to the toy industry and the Fleshlight Light series is no exception. There are two models available namely “Pilot” and “Instructor”. The former has a rough inlay, in other words distinctive ridges and a few bumps. As for the latter model, the inlay is smooth which is aimed at endurance training. The main idea of the Light series is discrete travelling purposes, so they replaced the near perfect vulva model for something that won’t draw a lot of attention when moving around abroad. They have also added a hands free option when plugged into a shower mount, another product from Fleshlight. This attachment handles suction.

JimmyJane – Hot Octopuss Pulse

As the names suggests this little toy provides intense pulses that tactically increase arousal. If you haven’t heard of the technology that they use to help guys with spinal injuries, then this toy can be educational as well. For starters, it doesn’t look anything like a vibrator for men. If fact, it looks like a cool gadget you can listen to music with. By using PulsePlate technology a guy can insert his member either when erect or flaccid and then receive pleasuring waves in the frenulum area.

Tenga-Global – Flip Hole

If you are looking for true innovation then you don’t need to look further than the Flip Hole. It seems Tenga thought of everything when they developed this toy. Unlike most toys for men, they made the cleaning and maintenance part fairly easy, because it can just flip open. The 4 different colors it’s available in represent different degrees of smoothness, suction power and even stimulation. To make it even more exciting is the control pad situated on top, which lets you change the pressure inside the toy and all you need to do is push a button.

Humpus – The Humpus

Don’t expect a simple toy when you buy a Humpus. It is in fact a machine that comes with a base unit and an attachment of your choices. It can be a dildo or a silicone ring. After the attachment is in place the base unit will work the attachment up and down your member. You can choose how quickly these strokes take place and when using the belt accessory you don’t need to use your hands. The Humpus is also remote controlled, so either you or your partner can be in charge of all the pleasure.


There you go guys; one of these sex toys will be able to keep you busy all night long. Now there is no reason to become jealous about all the options ladies have in terms of toys.

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