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The World of Vibrators

Written By: admin - Jul• 27•15




By definition a sex toy can entail a variety of things. They aren’t limited to shape, size, texture or color. In fact, anything that can be utilized to enhance a sexual interaction can be considered a sex toy, except for food and beverages for obvious reasons. However, this article will lay more focus on vibrators. It is one of the oldest sex toys in the world and was designed for medical purposes. Yes, that’s right. Physicians discovered that hysterical women can be calmed down when an orgasm is induced. The only problem was that it took a lot of time and physicians couldn’t master the technique. Hence, the vibrator came into existence. The shape wasn’t nearly as attractive back then, but it did the job. So without further interruption, here is the breakdown on one of the most popular sex toys among women.

The Different Kinds of Vibrators

– Classic Vibrator

The variety of vibrators can be divided into three, very distinct, groups. The first one up for discussion is referred to as the classic. It’s made of plastic, doesn’t really bend and is typically shaped in the form of a penis. Women love this design even though it lacks real power so-to-speak. Nevertheless, it does the job even when it doesn’t vibrate.

– Wand

It’s safe to say that the wand is better described as a massager rather than penetrating dildo. As far as electric sex toys go, especially vibrators, the wand has no problem working all night. It plugs into the wall and doesn’t stop until you turn it off. The only downside is that the shape isn’t exactly penetration friendly. It consists of a rather large head and slim body, which means it can only stimulate the pleasure button. Apart from shape and the limited options of where it can be used, the wand does have a magical touch.

– Handle/Coil

This design took into consideration the shape and power problem. It’s small enough to fit in one hand but not too small in terms of penetration. What makes it even better is the fact that the head can accommodate plastic and latex attachments in addition to working hard hours. Several sensations can surface using this little masterpiece and it truly combines the great aspects of a vibrator.

As a side note the shower massager deserves some attention as well. Based on the same design as the classic, it was specifically made for very wet conditions. This is for the ladies who like the feel of warm water while enjoying other pleasures. Keep in mind that it’s not excluded to sexual purposes, much like the wand and handle designs. There is no reason why the rest of the body can’t benefit from these small wonders.

What to know before using Vibrators

First of all, never use a vibrator without lubrication, especially when it’s hard plastic. The experience won’t be very pleasant and only a little bit of lube is needed to get into the mood so-to-speak. It’s recommended to use a water-based lube. Secondly, be careful when it comes to vibrators that focus on delivering heat to the body. This isn’t to say that they shouldn’t be used, but the moment can be so great that you might not notice if you get burnt. There have been cases where this happened and safety should always come first, no pun intended.

On a Psychological Note

Vibrators are great little inventions for singles or involved individuals. However, the latter group shouldn’t let it become a problem. There is no denying that they are able to enhance many sexual situations, but it cannot really replace human flesh. The moment it becomes competition for your partner then try to put less emphasis on using it. If this isn’t the case then don’t refrain from implementing into your sex life, because it ensures a jolly good time.


There is no shortage of choices in terms of vibrators and finding the right one for you shouldn’t be very difficult. More importantly, don’t restrict yourself to just one. Different vibrators give different sensations and nothing is more fun than exploring in the privacy of your home. The core purpose of their design was to relieve unnecessary tension and sometimes it’s nice to pamper yourself a little bit. Now go out and discover the amazing world of vibrators.

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